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CEO Address - Update

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CEO Address - Update

At the start of 2014, I shared my belief that 2014 would be a growth year. Our 2014 growth (through November) stands at 6%. I expect this growth to continue as the economy recovers and we continue to strategically grow our Brand through new locations, new Signature Supplements and more products, as requested by our franchisees. We also are focused on boosting bottom lines through improved pricing structures and new program offerings. Among the highlights of 2014:

  1. Medi-Weightloss® expanded across the U.S., opening seven new franchise locations this year with four more franchise locations contracted to open by the end of January. We also have three locations in the contracting process. We expanded internationally as well, opening a location in Dubai. This expansion benefits the entire System, exposing the Medi-Weightloss® Brand to more consumers who will share their experiences with friends, family, and co-workers who will in turn look for Medi-Weightloss® in their communities. As Brand recognition increases, the investment value of a Medi-Weightlos®franchise increases as well.
  2. We’ve introduced a dozen new Signature Products since Q4 of 2013, including hot options that are delicious, quick meals for our patients and consumers who are looking to eat healthy. We introduced our Plateau Buster Signature Supplement to help patients overcome weight loss plateaus. These additions have boosted sales on our Public Cart at, thus boosting franchisees’ bottom lines. Through August 2014, the public cart has generated an additional $294,490 in payments to our franchises. As we continue to innovate, release new products, and market our cart to increase Brand recognition, we expect ongoing growth.
  3. We’re garnering national and international attention through our award-winning Clinical Outcomes Research, presenting at the 12th International Congress on Obesity, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in March 2014 and at The Obesity Society and American Society of Bariatric Physicians conferences in 2013. Our evidence-based program works, and our Research and Development team is leading the charge for clinical outcomes research in the physician-supervised weight management field. Our clinical outcomes focus is part of our commitment to making advances in weight management, allowing our healthcare professionals to implement these advances and bring them to patients.

As we celebrate 10 years of changing lives in 2015, we plan to take even bolder steps to evolve and enhance the Medi-Weightloss® Brand to help our Franchisees succeed. Be assured that as we raise the national and global prominence of the Medi-Weightloss®®® Brand, we are not taking haphazard steps. We are focused on our “secret sauce” so to speak — a clinically proven weight loss and maintenance solution delivered with an extraordinarily high level of care.

I know that each and every member of the Medi-Weightloss® Franchise System’s mission is the same as mine —changing lives. Click here and share why Medi-Weightloss® works for you. You could win a trip to one of three 2015 regional meetings, where we will shine a light on you and your success.

Let’s continue to grow and LOSE together.

Edward Kaloust, CEO and Founder

    • Franchise Registry
    • IFA
    • SBA
    • BBB
    • American Board of Obesity Medicine