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Turnkey Business Opportunity

turnkey business opportunity for sale in usa

Turnkey Business Opportunity

Imagine if starting your own business was as simple as turning the key, opening the door, and turning the lights on. While that may be oversimplifying the process of opening a Medi-Weightloss® just a little, it’s the idea behind the turnkey business opportunity model Medi-Weightloss® is based on.

What is a Turnkey business opportunity?

A turnkey business opportunity is a business you can buy that is already thriving, has an established product or service, and a flourishing fan base. It means the hard work has already been done for you.

What Does a Medi-Weightloss® turnkey business opportunity for sale offer?

Being a part of the Medi-Weightloss® family affords you benefits like none other. First and foremost, all of our turnkey franchise owners enjoy:

  • Ongoing guidance from our training & support team. No matter what business you’re in, it’s crucial you have a support system behind you, rooting for you every step of the way. Our training and support team is always available to answer questions, offer advice, and provide on-site trainings and educational programs.
  • Regional and national advertising. Not only does our incredible team of graphic designers and advertisers take care of national advertising, but they do it at no additional cost to franchisees — sounds like a win, win!
  • Hands-on training prior to location openings. New franchisees are invited to attend a Discovery Day at our corporate headquarters in Florida. There, you’ll have the chance to speak with seasoned Medi-Weightloss® franchisees and learn tips and tricks for success.
  • An experienced corporate management team. When you open a Medi-Weightloss® franchise, you receive our most valuable asset — our name. With a proven model of success and a name that’s widely recognized and respected, our team has created a prominent weight loss program for you to take advantage of.

But Wait, There’s More…

While those are certainly some of the most influential perks of joining the Medi-Weightloss® turn key business opportunities, we also offer many additional perks, including:

  • An award-winning graphic design team.
  • Software packages used to manage your location, including lead tracking, online ordering practices, and online enrolment, each of which is in full compliance with HIPAA laws and regulations.
  • Our evidence-based practices that have been clinically proven to help people lose weight and keep it off.
  • Access to quality foods and snacks created by medical professionals.

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  • Franchise Registry
  • IFA
  • SBA
  • BBB
  • American Board of Obesity Medicine