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How to Teach Your Teen Healthy Habits

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How to Teach Your Teen Healthy Habits

Adolescent obesity is a common problem across the country. Young adults often do not understand the importance of protecting their health or are unsure of how to go about leading a healthy lifestyle. This is where your role as a franchise owner can come in – to point them in the right direction and help develop healthy habits lasting them not only throughout their adolescence, but into their adulthood. Through the Medi-Weightloss® Adolescent Program, you can give teens the tools they need to lead a healthier life.

Part of helping teens develop healthier lives includes providing their parents the information they need to encourage better habits at home. Below are a few tips to share:

  • Prepare healthier meals: Part of teaching your teens healthier habits is exhibiting them yourself. Cook meals from scratch whenever possible to avoid processed foods. Turn cooking into a fun family activity, teaching your teen the preparation and cooking process. The time spent together will provide you with the opportunity to explain the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods. When packing snacks, encourage fruits and vegetables, minimizing unhealthier options like potato chips or cookies.
  • Provide water or milk: There are a ton of sugary beverages available. From soft drinks to energy drinks, it is easy to find yourself guzzling down more sugar than the body was ever meant to handle. Be sure you encourage your teens to drink water or even a glass of protein and calcium-rich milk. Explain that a big part of maintaining a healthy body involves staying hydrated. Buy reusable water bottles for a healthy option within reach.
  • Arrange family activities to make exercise fun: Even for adults, formal exercise routines are not the most exciting. Show your teen that there are ways to stay physically active and have a good time doing it. Go for bike rides together or, if the weather permits, go for a swim. These activities will help your teen feel confident enough in their abilities to consider trying out for school sports teams or after school sports clubs. While everyone needs time to unwind, you should also set rules regarding how much time they spend playing video games, watching TV, or using the computer.
  • Encourage them to spend time with friends: Not only can socializing with friends build better social skills it will also likely lead to more time spent on their feet rather than on a screen.

Most importantly, while you are encouraging your teen to opt for more health-conscious choices, it is crucial to remember to also emphasize positivity and confidence. Your guidance is about helping them lead a healthier lifestyle, be sure to emphasize health over appearance.

Weight Loss Program for Adolescents

At Medi-Weightloss®, our renowned franchise is dedicated to helping adolescents lead healthy lifestyles, allowing them to flourish and thrive as adults. We have assisted countless individuals for over 10 years and have one of the most popular weight loss programs for adolescents.

Our weight loss franchise gives physicians, family practitioners, and other interested parties a medium to help others while expanding their career. Our stable business model provides the perfect blend of low risk and potentially high profits, making it a lucrative franchise. If you are interested in fighting the battle against adolescent obesity, contact us today at (813) 549-7259 for more information regarding our Adolescent Program.

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