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Best Franchises for Women: Why a Weight Loss Company May Be One of the Top

woman owned franchises Best Franchise for Women

Best Franchises for Women: Why a Weight Loss Company May Be One of the Top

There are many franchises that claim to be the best franchises for women, but how does one know for sure before becoming a franchise owner for those brands?

At Medi-Weightloss, our franchising model is built to empower our franchise owners, many of whom are women who run flourishing weight loss clinics.

In the seek for the Best Franchises for Women

woman owned franchises Best Franchise for Women

According to Franchise Insights, the number of women seeking information about franchise ownership is outstripping men, particularly among younger demographics. Since 2016, the number of female franchise owners has risen consistently.

What percentage of franchises are owned by women?

Of the more than 670,000 franchise businesses owned in the US, 31% of franchises are owned by women. The industries that attract most of women franchise owners include:

  • Fitness franchises
  • Health Franchises
  • Wellness Franchises

The franchises that women find most rewarding trend toward those where they make connections with their clientele such as:

  • Childcare franchises
  • Fitness franchises
  • Weight loss Franchises

These are by no means the only franchises where women franchisees excel, but they are among the best franchises for women to own because of the empowerment principle.

What the Best Franchises for Women need to take into account to attract them?

First and foremost, working women are very used to a culture that requires multitasking, no matter the industry. Women can see the big picture from signing the franchising agreement to grand opening, and prioritize the steps necessary to get there. Many of these steps happen simultaneously, but that’s a challenge many women franchisees relish.

1. Women are Detail-Oriented

Some of the best franchises for women require a franchise owner with a keen eye for detail, and for many businesswomen, this is second nature. The ability to know where every process is in terms of completion, the timing, the budget, and the next steps are all things that women are highly capable of understanding instinctively. These are all good characteristics for any woman in business, but they’re particularly ideal for franchise owners.

2. Women are Adaptive

A business that requires women to think on their feet is one where women thrive, and franchises for women often fit this bill. Culturally, women are expected to keep up with busy families, especially if they have children, as well as build a successful career. In order to do this, businesswomen have become quick-footed and adapt when necessary. Often, the solution is dynamic and responsive, which a business needs to continue flourishing.

3. Women Communicate Well

The best franchises for women are those that involve communication skills. The ability to communicate effectively and network well gives women a leg up because women tend to form relationships with people rather than operate transactionally. Those relationships build loyalty, which serves franchise brands well. Strong people skills and likeability are key requirements of a good franchise owner, and many women are able to fulfill these needs, which leads to business relationships that last.

4. Women are Good with a Tight Budget

Ask any woman entrepreneur how important proficient budgeting is to the success of a franchise for women, and she’ll tell you it’s critical.

Guiding a business from concept to opening without overspending is crucial to the viability of any business, including franchises. Often, the franchise model helps with this, because the opening process removes many of the hiccups that can sometimes plague new businesses.

Women in franchising are often fiscally conservative, carefully prioritizing every dollar for maximum reinvestment. Opening one of the best franchises for women often requires this conservative approach for opening and operating a franchise and growing the brand.

How is Medi-Weightloss One of the Best Franchises for Women?

Many of the Medi-Weightloss franchise owners are women who’ve come to the franchise by identifying with the empowerment inherent in helping people change their lives. Medi-Weightloss clients develop a strong relationship with the clinicians and franchise owners who help them through the weight loss program. This connection can be a very strong motivator for our franchise owners.

Weight loss is such a personal journey for people. For those who successfully navigate it to a healthier lifestyle, the Medi-Weightloss program can be a literal lifesaver.

Obesity as an epidemic is linked to a multitude of chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, and even some cancers.

The Medi-Weightloss medical franchise opportunity program is physician-supervised weight loss where our patients receive a comprehensive, customized weight loss plan that will help them shed the pounds that put them at risk for developing obesity-related health conditions and complications. This includes a thorough medical workup, periodic body composition analysis, nutrition education and a structured meal plan that’s adaptable for each stage of the program, and access to vitamin injections and supplements to promote health.

Our patients begin by understanding their body’s current physical state, and we walk them through the changes they need to make to their lifestyle to lose weight and restore health to their body. This also includes behavioral support to retrain the brain how to navigate cravings, emotional attachment to food, and addictive behaviors.

Many patients undergoing the Medi-Weightloss program that’s right for them are able to lose weight for the first time in their lives. They’re able to stop taking many of their medications that manage chronic illnesses, like high blood pressure medication and insulin for Type 2 diabetes. That level of success builds a strong loyalty to the people who’ve helped them on their journey to better health.

Seeing patients regain their health and quality of life is profound for Medi-Weightloss franchisees, and makes our franchise model one of the best franchises for women to own.

Women connect more on an emotional level than men, so this interaction with patients is a profound part of their Medi-Weightloss franchise ownership. It’s also a motivating factor to keep going, to keep touching people and changing lives in their communities. It’s probably the biggest reason why Medi-Weightloss is one of the best franchises for women today.

Medi-Weightloss is seeking motivated and savvy women (and men) who are passionate about helping people be the healthiest version of themselves. We offer entrepreneurs the chance to own a franchise that provides scientifically-backed, clinically researched weight loss programs that are physician-supervised and customized for each patient’s greatest chance of success. Contact us today to learn how you can become a part of one of the best franchises for women in the US.


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