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Three Powerful Reasons to Franchise with Medi-Weightloss®

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Three Powerful Reasons to Franchise with Medi-Weightloss®

In the United States, obesity prevalence was 41.9% from 2017 – March 2020. This statistic shows a sharp demand for our weight loss franchise, and the public is buzzing about the industry because of the recent media coverage of the newest FDA-approved weight loss drug, Wegovy. If you are considering investing in a weight loss franchise, you're probably already aware of the overwhelming need for medical assistance in this field. Medi-Weightloss® franchising answers this urgent problem with three key differentiators from other programs. With state-of-the-art research and development, physician-approved programs, and our full line of signature products, Medi-Weightloss® stands out as a superior choice in the competitive non-surgical weight management industry. Let's delve into these critical points that make Medi-Weightloss® your top healthcare franchise option.


Medi-Weightloss® sets itself apart from competitors by prioritizing cutting-edge research and development. In the ever-evolving field of weight management, staying ahead of the curve is essential, and our expert team is up to the challenge. Led by our chief medical officer, board-certified in obesity medicine, Gretchen San Miguel, MD, we continually invest in research to enhance programs, ensuring that franchisees offer patients the most effective and up-to-date solutions.

Our cutting-edge R&D team collaborates with leading experts in the fields of nutrition, exercise science, and healthcare to develop evidence-based weight loss protocols. This commitment to innovation allows franchisees to provide patients with the latest proven scientific advancements, giving them the best chance to achieve their health goals. Our physicians and scientists frequently serve as authoritative sources, providing interviews and consultations on obesity, preventive medicine, lifestyle medicine, and public health. Featured in the prestigious Journal of Public Health, a peer-reviewed publication accessible through Oxford University Press, our research represents the gold standard for weight control. By joining Medi-Weightloss®, our franchisees have access to unparalleled industry resources, tools, and insights as we continuously design and refine our numerous targeted programs.


Medi-Weightloss® proudly offers medically supervised weight loss programs. Unlike many competitors, we know many variables can affect the weight of every individual, and our programs are not one-size-fits-all. As the industry leader in physician-supervised weight management, our experts design programs to address everyone’s unique needs and health status. What sets Medi-Weightloss® apart is its strong emphasis on physician involvement.

With over 100 locations nationwide, Medi-Weightloss® franchisees have access to a network of experienced medical professionals who provide ongoing support, guidance, and oversight. This level of medical supervision ensures the safety and effectiveness of the programs, making us a paradigm in weight management. When patients see our testimonials and know that their weight loss journey is overseen by trusted healthcare providers, they are more likely to succeed and maintain their results. Their success is success for all our franchisees.


Medi-Weightloss® offers its franchisees a significant advantage by providing a line of signature products and supplements that add tremendous value to their businesses. These signature supplements and products testify to our commitment to excellence and a reliable additional revenue source. By selling these proprietary weight loss products online, franchisees can tap into an extended customer base beyond their brick-and-mortar locations, potentially creating a steady income stream. Meticulously formulated content sets these supplements apart, meeting precise nutrient requirements for patients to attain and sustain their ideal weight.

The products are the result of extensive research and development, manufactured in FDA-licensed, state-of-the-art facilities that exceed Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. This dedication to quality ensures that franchisees can confidently offer their patients products of exceptional purity, thereby optimizing results.

Our supplements meet the following criteria:

  • follow USP guidelines for disintegration and absorption,
  • use only standardized botanical herbal blends,
  • are free of starch, yeast, and sugar,
  • and utilize the finest pharmaceutical-grade ingredients


Medi-Weightloss® has been a five-star choice for the last fifteen years when choosing a weight loss franchise. Our dedication to high-level research and development, physician-approved programs, and our signature line of products and supplements demonstrate our steadfast mission in the charge against obesity. Joining the Medi-Weightloss® community means you'll have the support, resources, and reputation to thrive in this competitive market. Download our free e-book and take advantage of the opportunity to be part of a franchise that makes a difference in people's lives and your income potential. Contact us today for more information.

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