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The Science to Support Franchise Success

Two seated doctors look at a computer with a man in a suit.

The Science to Support Franchise Success

The weight loss industry is experiencing a surge in interest and investment due to new, groundbreaking medications like Wegovy. While these advances mark significant progress in the fight against obesity, achieving long-term weight maintenance remains a substantial challenge.

Medi-Weightloss, a pioneer in the non-surgical weight loss sphere, is a successful weight management franchise because it stays committed to unparalleled scientific research and development. Prioritizing long-term weight management makes our medical weight loss franchise a powerful ally in combating the nation's obesity epidemic and substantially different from other programs. Let’s dive into what makes our franchises so successful.


At Medi-Weightloss, we base our treatments on substantial clinical evidence. Our thorough research has led to remarkable patient outcomes, including a 14% body weight reduction by week 13, escalating to 21% by week 39. Patients also see significant improvements in BMI, body fat, waist size, cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure. Impressively, we reduced the prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome in our study population by 45% within just 13 weeks, a testament to our program's profound impact.

With obesity and its associated health concerns escalating globally, the American Medical Association classifies obesity as a disease demanding comprehensive medical interventions. Medi-Weightloss meets this challenge head-on with a personalized approach based on clinical research and translational science, crucial for transforming groundbreaking research into new treatments, improved clinical guidelines, and better-informed healthcare decisions.


Medi-Weightloss leads the charge in physician-supervised weight management, continually pushing the boundaries of scientific research. This dedication ensures our healthcare professionals receive the latest updates to enhance patient support. Our agility in responding to scientific advancements allows our programs to facilitate weight loss and provide a thorough medical strategy for treating obesity. Our globally recognized expertise affords us opportunities to present at esteemed conferences and engage in expert discussions.

This unwavering commitment to innovation and clinical excellence confirms Medi-Weightloss as a top-tier investment opportunity. Professionals can confidently open a franchise, knowing they are meeting industry standards and helping patients succeed in weight management—a crucial consideration regardless of advancements in semaglutides.


The establishment of our Scientific Advisory Board in March 2012 underscores our dedication to rigorous scientific scrutiny. Comprising physicians, scientists, and public health experts, the board evaluates the effectiveness and safety of our treatment guidelines and products. Their recommendations are integral to translating research into practical, effective patient care strategies.

This interdisciplinary team's initiatives commit to quality assurance and promptly integrating clinical research findings into patient care. These efforts ensure that Medi-Weightloss remains the definitive weight management program—effective for patients, supportive for physicians, and successful for franchisees.

Our commitment to research is ongoing. We continuously seek out new studies and data to refine our programs. Medi-Weightloss® franchises always align with the most effective weight management strategies by staying at the forefront of scientific advancement.


The stories of those we've helped accurately measure our success. Medi-Weightloss franchises gather countless testimonials from patients who have lost weight and reclaimed their health and happiness. These powerful narratives attest to our programs' effectiveness and our franchisees' unwavering dedication.

Franchising with Medi-Weightloss aligns you with a validated, research-centric leader in the weight loss industry. This opportunity goes beyond business—it's a chance to contribute to a healthier future for those battling obesity. Medi-Weightloss stands proud as "The One That Works!®" for all stakeholders. We invite you to join our scientific endeavor to make a lasting difference. Contact us to discuss how your future can grow with Medi-Weightloss.

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